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Curbar Edge Mountain Biking

21 April 2015

Ed and his partner Flo headed up to the Peak District into unchartered territory a couple of weeks ago for a spot of mountain biking along Curbar Edge…

After a long ride at Dalby Forest the day before, Flo and I were feeling pretty exhausted. Despite sore legs, we decided to go for a short ride along Curbar Edge in the Peaks.

Neither of us had ridden much in that area of the Peaks but we found a route online and shortened it slightly to make it easier on our legs!

Curbar Edge Ride MAP

Starting from Calver, you’re straight into a long slog of climb to the top of Bar Road. You could keep going up and go directly onto Curbar edge, but we decided to turn right onto a single track trail that goes south below Baslow Edge. Although we had a really sunny day there were still some very muddy sections, which we had to walk around. As we climbed higher onto Baslow Edge the trail got dryer and rockier, there were some fantastic views and lots of great photo opportunities. Heading north along the top of Baslow is quite flat, but the wind was behind us and the path was dry so it was quite a nice cruise back towards Curbar Edge.


 Curbar Edge RideCurbar Edge Ride

Once you cross the road over to Curbar edge, there’s a short easy climb before the path opens up and you can get really close to the edge its self. It was such a nice day that we ended up spending nearly an hour playing around on the rocks and seeing who could ride off the biggest boulder! Be carful though, the edge is very steep (vertical in places) and a strong gust of wind could potentially blow you off it!

Curbar Edge Ride

The ride down from Curbar edge onto Froggatt Edge was probably the highlight of the route. The path starts off quite smooth and flows pretty well before ending in a really wide, rocky, technical descent. It was great fun having a choice of line to take and racing each other to the end.

Froggatt Edge is a nice easy ride with some more stunning views over the valley and continues to descend back to the road (A625). From there it’s a fast downhill road back to Calver for ice creams!

Overall we had a great little ride, which made a nice change from the well groomed trails found at trail centres.