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With the great outdoors, there are no guarantees. Whether you’re on a tough expedition, a long-haul camping trip or just a casual hike, it’s important to remember that anything can happen. And if things go wrong, you need to be kitted out with the right survival gear.

At Trekmates, we have a range of survival equipment to help protect you against the elements. If you’re travelling with a group, make sure you pack a group shelter. These windproof pods offer you protection from extreme weather, giving you a warm place to catch your breath or recuperate. Storm shelters can also be essential if someone in your group is injured.


Headed somewhere cold? Make sure you pack a thermal blanket. In the harshest conditions, a sleeping bag isn’t always enough, and you’ll be thankful you brought that extra layer. Other essentials from our survival range include screamer whistles, useful for attracting attention, and emergency survival bags, which help to retain your body heat.


It’s always important to be prepared, especially when you’re in an unfamiliar or difficult environment. One of the best ways to stay safe in the wild is making sure you have the right survival tools.


Hope for the best. Plan for the worst. 

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  1. Dew Point Bivi Bag
    As low as £50.00
  2. Storm Bivi Bag
    As low as £85.00
  3. Squall Bivi Bag
    As low as £100.00
  4. Hexagon Tarp
    As low as £60.00
  5. Zip Light CDU - 50pcs
    As low as £150.00
  6. Midge Net Hat Cover (CDU 12 Pieces)
    As low as £60.00
  7. Tick Remover
    As low as £4.00

12 Items

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