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Choosing your perfect glove

A good pair of gloves is crucial to the success of any adventure. Whether you need protection from the cold or the wet, a glove can help ensure you don't lose your grip.Our gloves come in different fits, sizes and materials with special features and technologies designed to tackle all adventures. 

Read on to find out which is right for you.

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    Which style is right?

    Our baselayer gloves offer lightweight, low profile protection from the cold. Designed to be worn on their own in cooler temperatures, or paired alongside heavier shell gloves when needed. They are made of stretch fabrics, and breathable making them ideal for layering. For longer walks on colder, dryer days a fleece glove offers comforting warmth; usually paired with a Windproof or wind-resistant outer, these styles will keep the cold at bay.

    For more serious adventures in adverse conditions, warm and waterproof gloves are a necessity. Our range includes both GORE-TEX® gloves and our own DRY™ technology for all-weather protection, as well as a range of insulation options. 

    The other question is whether you need a glove or a mitt. Mitt's will offer you additional warmth, while gloves offer better dexterity.

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    Choosing the material

    Maximising protection and comfort for the wearer, GORE-TEX® gloves provide long-lasting, comfortable weather protection you can trust. Durably waterproof, windproof and highly breathable these gaiters offer the best performance for any adventure. We also make use of + Gore technologies, that offer additional benefits on some styles. + Gore Grip gives high tactility and the feel of a direct grip, + Gore Active is optimised for greater breathability, increasing comfort in a wider range of temperatures, and + Gore Warm that is designed for longer lasting warmth.

    Our DRY™ gloves offer great value performance, using our own waterproof and breathable technology for protection from the elements. Ideal for longer days walking on the hill. 

    Click here for more information on the product technologies used in our gloves. 

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    The right size

    To get the most from your gloves you need to ensure that you have picked the right size.  

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    A durable PU leather palm gives all the benefits of a leather palm in an animal friendly way, offering better dexterity and grip in all weather conditions.

    Our DRY™ gaiters offer great value performance, using our own waterproof and breathable technology for protection from the elements. Ideal for longer days walking on the hill. 

    Polyester canvas gaiters are incredibly durable for protection against abrasion and, paired with smooth inner linings, help significantly reduce noise. These styles are ideal for country sports and woodland.

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    On our warm gloves we have a variety of insulations, offering comfortable warmth in colder temperatures. The greater the weight of insulation, the warmer the glove will be. However, it is worth remembering that insulation will bulk up the glove, which can reduce dexterity and tactility across the palm. On our warmest styles we have increased the insulation on the back of the hand where it is needed most, with less on the palm for better grip. If you need greater warmth, look for GORE-TEX® + Gore Warm technology in which the entire make up of the interior of the glove has been engineered for a longer lasting warmth.

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    Ogwen Stretch Grip Glove

    A low profile, warm fleece glove that adds comfortable warmth on cold days, or an extra layer of insulation to one of our heavier gloves on adventures in more challenging conditions. The one-piece silicone palm adds exceptional grip. 

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    Chamonix GTX® Glove

    A classic, warm and waterproof GORE-TEX® glove using + Gore Active technology for increased breathability. The durable PU leather palm and pre-curved fingers adds great dexterity  making the Chamonix an ideal glove for active use in cold conditions, such as skiing.

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    Classic Lite DRY™ Glove

    A lightweight shell glove, using our DRY Protect™ waterproof, breathable technology for great value all-weather protection. Infinitely packable, this glove is ideal for stowing away in your pack ready for when the rain rolls in. Pair with our Ogwen Stretch Grip glove for colder days.