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Choosing your perfect hat

Whether it is the sun, rain or snow that is beating down on you from above, a good hat is crucial to getting ahead on any adventure. Designed to thrive in different trekking conditions, our headwear range covers everything you will need for your next expedition. 

Read on to find out which is right for you.

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    Which style is right?

    In the sun, the wider the brim the better, keeping harmful rays from all of your face as well as the back of your neck. In wetter regions, the brim will keep the rain from your eyes and going down your neck.

    Aside from protection n bat country, bucket styles - characterised by a medium width sloped brim - offer a lightweight and infinitely packable alternative to a wide brim. The design allows it to be easily stashed away in a pocket when not needed.

    Caps will keep the sun or rain from your eyes without protecting your neck, or the sides of your face. Ideal for wearing with a hooded poncho or jacket, or in bright blustery conditions wear wider brimed hats are at risk of disruption from the wind. In colder wintery weather, consider trapper cap styles for extra warmth.

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    Choosing the material

    In the wet weather usually associated with the Great British climate, you'll want a hat with a tighter weave or water-resistant outer fabric like a durable polyamide. Waterproof and breathable technologies such as GORE-TEX or our DRY technology are also good solutions in these conditions, offering you reliable protection from the elements while allowing your head to breathe naturally. For more info on these technologies click here.

    Cotton Canvas styles are highly breathable and durable, and keep their shape easily.

    Our technical hats use a lightweight polyamide fabric that is exceptionally packable, while offering breathability and durability.

    For more information on the technologies and fabrics used in our hats click here.

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    The right size

    Now you have your perfect hat, make sure it fits

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    Expedition GTX® Hat

    Excellent protection from the rain, this wide brimmed GORE-TEX® hat is durably waterproof, windproof and breathable, while the water-resistant outer fabric also offers protection from the sun with a UV rating of UPF 50+.

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    Bush Hat 

    A perfect solution to more tropical expeditions, the Bush Hat is a lightweight cotton canvas style with a floatable 7cm wide brim that can be fastened up on the side. Incredibly breathable with additional venting eyelets to keep your head cool. An included mosquito and midge net packs up into the crown when not needed.

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    Mojave Hat

    A lightweight bucket style hat with zip-away legionnaire's flap to protect your neck from the sun. The breathable fabric and mesh lining ensures your head stays cool on long hot trips, while the outer fabric is treated to offer a UV rating of UPF 40+.