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This season, we are celebrating the very people who define who we are and everything that we do.

After all, it's seeing our gear playing its part in their daily lives, and being put to the test in some of the most inspiring places on Earth, that becomes the essential ingredient in driving us forward to keep re-thinking and reinventing everything we do.

To bring this goal to life, we commissioned photographer, Lukasz Warzecha, to authentically capture the unique personalities of our chosen faces who scatter our outdoor landscape and give meaning to our work.

Each month throughout Winter, we will share some of these portraits and the stories of the people they've captured.

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Coming Soon: Mountain Portraits

Ella Grødem

Ella Grødem, Greenland Brand Manager for the Icelandic Mountain Guides, peers across dramatic glacial landscape that defines the unique identity of Iceland.

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Arete Hooded Jacket

An ultralight narrow baffled duvet offering alpinists and rock climbers valuable extra warmth with a tiny pack size.

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Keith Ball

For Keith Ball, Instructor at Plas y Brenin, winter season brings with it a non-stop schedule of instruction and assessment; a full time job that brings early starts and long days in unpredictable and often savage conditions.

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Tupilak Jacket

“In Inuit mythology a Tupilak is an avenging monster. It seemed an appropriate name for what was, in the early stages of its development, a nameless but highly specialised prototype.”
Richard Talbot - Director of Product

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Ben Briggs

Ben Briggs is at the forefront of a new generation of ski mountaineers chasing bigger and steeper lines in the best possible style. Growing up far from the mountains before moving to Chamonix in the French Alps, it's been a steep learning curve.

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Diamir Pant

“These are the best thing I’ve used for the sort of skiing I do. The fit, particularly around the knee and lower leg, means they work for the technical climbing that’s often a much bigger part of my day than the descent...”
Ben Briggs, Ski Mountaineer

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Dave MacLeod

Every Autumn, after I return from summer trad or big wall trips, the hard work begins. Short term performance is sacrificed for working my body hard to build strength and endurance for my sport climbing projects”
Dave MacLeod, Climber

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Combustion Jacket

A warm, technical hoody for lantern sessions at local boulders and early starts on long term projects.

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