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Choosing the right Gaiters

27 March 2015

Having the right pair of gaiters can make or break an outing… We’ve all been there, out in the fresh air with a good pair of boots and some great scenery when we’ve stepped into a particularly smelly bog or torrential rain has appeared out of nowhere.



They’re a really useful piece of gear; gaiters will help to protect you from some of natures less pleasant elements, but how do you choose which are right for you?

Trekmates Gaiters come in two heights, ankle height and full height. Ankle gaiters are perfect for offering protection from pebbles and dirt; they’re ideal for general wear in the great outdoors when there’s a good probability of mucky weather and mud but not enough to warrant a full height gaiter. An ankle gaiter will generally give you enough protection for lowland rambling and trail walks in the UK.

A full height gaiter will offer you the best overall protection against the more extreme conditions such as snow and heavy rain, but they do offer less ventilation as they cover more of your leg, which won’t be so ideal in warmer weather. However if you’re planning on wading through water or thick mud, a pair of full height gaiters is exactly the bit of kit you need!

It’s also worth noting that some boot brands also make compatible gaiters for their boots that attach directly to the boot, however if you go for this option make sure you choose a universal gaiter so you are able to get the most use out of them!

Gaiters were originally made from rubber, however as technology has advanced much more lightweight waterproof and windproof fabrics are used. Trekmates gaiters come in a variety of fabrics including our own DRY technology and the world renowned GORE-Tex, so whatever fabric you opt for you can be sure that you’re going to get the best protection around!

Consider which seasons you’re most likely to be using your gaiters in, as the last thing you want to do is to pick up a heavier fabric that’s not very breathable when you’re going to be using them in warmer temperatures (sweaty legs aren’t so much fun!).

Have a good think about the activities you’re going to be donning your gaiters for, as this will really determine which height and fabric you choose. It’s also worth considering the type of fastening you’d prefer as some come with zips but others have Velcro.

In terms of weight, most gaiters will be fairly lightweight and worth every gram for the protection they offer!