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Getting Outdoors: The view from the garden

19 March 2015

Today’s blog comes from Martin, our finance director. He’s passionate about the outdoors & relishes every chance he gets to get out in the fresh air, even if it’s just in the back garden!


Photo Credit: | PatB | via Compfight cc

When venturing out on the footpath or hillside, the good trekker prepares for all eventualities. Good footwear, including socks and a great pair of gaiters, Perhaps a water proof set – lightweight for the summer, something heavier for the winter. Layering is the way to keep comfortable from morning through until evening and base layers, a good merino fabric, keeping warm in the cold but not over hot in the warmer weather.

Working in an outdoor business I am well versed in this kit list. So when I venture out into the garden all the accessories vital to the trekker are in my “kit” bag too. Merino base layers are superb for the early season when temperatures are lower and the wind can bite. A Gore-tex hat, the Ice Shell is ideal in keeping dry and protect from the north winds. And, when the grass starts to grow I reach for the strimmer and I don my gaiters – Gore-tex Cairngorm in the winter, a dry ankle gaiter in the summer. Gaiters are perfect for keeping grass off trouser and tops of boots especially when mowing without the grass box. And then when the sun starts to shine and temperatures get warmer I reach for my Explorer hat with its wide brim keeping me shaded and cool.

The same applies to everyday outdoor activities, walking the dog, tidying the garage or garden shed. The equipment designed for the trekker with value and good quality in mind has far more applications than the vocation they were originally intended for. (I even wear my Vapour Tech base layer top when I turn out for the local vets football team on a bleak Wednesday night.)

Whatever the activity, being out in the great outdoors is always made much more pleasurable by having the right kit!