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The Pennine Way Turns 50!

16 April 2015

The Pennine Way was the first National Trail to be created and is about to celebrate its 50th birthday!

Tom Stephenson, journalist and rambler, had the idea for the trail after visiting the US and seeing similar trails such as the Appalachian Trail all the way back in 1935.

The route covers 256 miles over the country’s backbone, beginning in Edale in the Peak District, winding its way through the Pennines and Yorkshire Dales to its end just north of the Northumberland National Park in the Scottish Borders.


Pennine Way
Credit: Raymond Knapman via Geograph cc


It took 30 years between Stephenson first proposing the route in the Daily Herald and it’s official opening in 1965, Stephenson had to lobby parliament to push for the creation of an official trail as part of the process.

The trail is one of the UK’s longest and most difficult, and has attracted many writers since its creation, most notably Alfred Wainwright who in his guide to the trail offered anyone completing it a half-pint of beer which is estimated to have cost him around £15,000 by the time he passed away in 1991!

To celebrate its 50th birthday, there are a whole host of events taking place up and down the Way, and Trekmates will be joining the team at the Edale Moorland Centre on 25th April as part of their celebrations! Pop in between 10am and 4pm to join in with a whole host of activities from music and crafts, our very own Amanda will be there with our Flameless Cook systems so you can see how they work!

We’re really looking forward to being a part of the celebrations of the Pennine Way’s 50th Birthday and we’d love to hear your stories of adventures on the Trails over the years, drop us a message on our Facebook page or get in touch here.

Featured Photo Credit: TaylorB90 via Compfight cc