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Spring is here! What a releaf!

1 March 2017

Wake up, hear the birds singing in the trees, and pack away those winter clothes – at long last Spring has sprung!

At least according to the Meteorological calendar.

This calendar, based on the weather, assigns three months to each season of the year, and today marks our passage into spring which will last until the 31st of May.

However, it’s not the only way in which we can mark the new season.

Astronomical spring doesn’t start until the 20th March, and the clocks don’t go back until Sunday the 26th (note to self: this is also Mothers Day).


The reason for the two dates is that the Astronomical season’s are determined by the Earth’s degree of tilt along its rotational axis, and where that points in relation to the position of the sun in our planets annual trip.

Since December 21st, the Southern hemisphere has been tilted towards the sun, which is why countries such as Australia have been having summer, and every gap year student you know has been sending you photos of them on the beach getting tanned.

Meanwhile, the Northern hemisphere – including us here in the UK – have been tilted away from the sun, meaning longer nights and colder days.

It is this that gives us the length of our days and nights as well. As we tilt forward, we are exposed to more of the suns light, meaning that the distance between sunset and sunrise is lower – and continues to get lower until the Summer Solstice (the longest day).

On the 20th of March, the Earth will essentially be in profile, meaning the closest point to the sun will be the equator (the constant upon which the axis tilts) – and that means that day and night are of equal length.

However, the Astronomical seasons aren’t convenient enough for a consistent weather survey year on year, which is why we also have the Meteorological seasons.

These seasons coincide with the calendar, meaning that we can effectively measure the differences in weather month to month, and year on year.

It’s why we know that here in the UK we can expect to see temperatures rise to only about 10/11 degrees, with more hours of sunshine. However, there is also likely to be a rise in rainfall.

The good news though, is that summer is most definitely on the way – and with it, the brand new Trekmates Spring Summer range that is coming soon to a store near you.

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