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Our top travelling tips

6 July 2015

Many of our team love travelling and have been all over the globe on their adventures and have picked up some really handy tips and wrinkles along the way.


Anna, Product
“Flipflops so that no matter how gross the hostel showers are I know my feet don’t have to touch the floor!

Ear plugs (and eye mask)-
*because of the guy trying to break into his locker at 4am in singapore,
*because of the south korean girl who’s phone kept ringing in a sydney dorm,
*because of the 5 graduating rugby players in Christchurch
*because of the road train that got stuck in the lay-by before dawn and then had to reverse out (beeeeep beeeep beeeep beeep) and SO many other reasons.

A small luxury – could be food you can’t away from home, could be posh shower gel, could be jewellery… because after 5 days with no shower and 5 months of the same tatty t shirts you occasionally need something to pick you up and make you feel human again.”


Chris, MD
“I always take an empty (large) mesh stuff sack to separate dirty from clean clothes in my bag”

Jim, Product & Marketing
“One of my top tips for travelling is that I always take a pouch that I empty the UK only relevant contents (money/receipts/store cards etc) from my wallet into before putting foreign money into it. What I keep forgetting (and it just so happens we are launching such items!) is a travel rucksack or duffle to use when popping to the hotel gym or a quick walk into the city.”

Louise, Marketing
“Pick up medications like anti-histamine creams and tablets, immodium (because there’s nothing worse than a dodgy tummy!) and ibuprofen gel before leaving home as these bits can often be quite hard to find abroad.

I always keep a pair of dry socks, underwear and a lightweight towel (as a minimum) in a dry bag after getting caught out once on a multi-day hike, the rain came down before we had to the chance to put rain covers on our backpacks and everything got soaked! Never again…”