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Whether it is a loss of sensitivity through the cold, or less grip in wet conditions, a good pair of gloves if crucial to the success of any outdoor adventure.

Our DRY™ gloves offer great value, all-weather protection, while for adventures in more challenging conditions our range of GORE-TEX® gloves provide a durable waterproof, windproof and highly breathable defence against the elements, offering maximum protection and comfort for the wearer. There is a full range of warm fleece gloves for comfort on cold days, while our baselayer gloves can be worn on their own on chilly mornings, or as a liner under a lightweight, waterproof shell.

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  1. Thermal Touch Glove
    As low as £10.00
  2. Merino Touch Glove
    As low as £13.00
  3. Silk Glove
    As low as £16.00
  4. Ullscarf Glove
    As low as £17.00
  5. Codale Glove
    As low as £22.00

8 Items

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