TREKMATES X AMIRA: If you don't see it, go create it.


We're working alongside Amira the Wanderlust, Founder of The Wanderlust Women to create the first ever weatherproof Hijab and Niqab and our Trekmates Team couldn't be more excited! For us, this is a massive step in getting everyone safely protected in the elements of the outdoors.

The Hijab and Niqab Collection has been designed to thrive in different trekking conditions, using lightweight and durable waterproof, windproof and breathable membrane technologies to keep you warm and dry in any challenging condition.
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Here is Amira's story:
Adventure is my middle name; the great outdoors is a big part of my life. I look different- not your typical hiker but this is where I belong. I wear the veil as a Personal act of worship. The niqab (veil) to me is liberating and dignifying. It gives me strength and freedom. Modesty is an important part of my life and having clothing which reflects that is very important. when it comes to purchasing outdoor clothing, I can’t find anything that suits me and my needs- one thing I really wished for, was to have an outdoor niqab. Something waterproof, wind proof and just essentially have all the technical features for my adventures. This vision came to reality with the help of Trekmates. I want to introduce the first ever Outdoor Niqab and this is only the first prototype made in-house at the Manchester head office. Can’t wait to test the second proto in a couple of weeks! It makes me emotional speaking about it as it’s such a special project and one very close to my heart. We talk about diversity and inclusion and people ask how can we help, this is how you can help - by recognising what’s needed and creating it.
At the Kendal Mountain Festival, I was speaking on the “women in adventure session” and this was the first time I spoke about this project and I broke down in tears - happy tears and sad tears. Happy tears that this has finally come to life and sad tears as I know there’s so much more, we can all do to make the outdoors more inclusive for everyone. When I tested the niqab my heart could have not been happier. It rained, but my head and face remained dry due to the waterproof Material. It was super windy and for the first time, my niqab wasn’t flying all over the place and I remained warm throughout the hike because of the breathable and waterproof material.
Thank you Trekmates for making this happen and thank you to everyone who has believed in me and supported me. On that note, when the next person comes to me and tells me I shouldn’t be wearing what I’m wearing or that It’s not safe for me or I don’t belong in the outdoors I can say, actually love, I do belong here, I am safe and comfortable in everything I’m wearing. Changing the world isn’t easy but these steps here make a whole lot of difference. One of my proudest moments.

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