We're working alongside Amira the Wanderlust, Founder of The Wanderlust Women to create the first ever weatherproof Hijab and Niqab and our Trekmates Team couldn't be more excited! For us, this is a massive step in getting everyone safely protected in the elements of the outdoors.
The Hijab and Niqab Collection has been designed to thrive in different trekking conditions, using lightweight and durable waterproof, windproof and breathable technologies to keep you warm and dry in any challenging condition.

 Amira recently posted: Why is representation important ?

"Representation is powerful. Representation for me is so important, It can influence the way new generations view Muslim women and how Muslim women view themselves. Since I founded @the.wanderlust.women just over a year ago , we have had 1000's of women who have started hiking, camping, wild swimming and other activities and sports. That is the power of representation. Diversity without inclusion is just tokenism. The only way to truly represent a community is to give them a seat at the table. While many of the campaigns are a win for Muslim women, there is still a lot of work to be done, we’re in 2022 and just in the past few years or so. They're beginning to place more importance on inclusivity and diversity in their campaigns and messaging, and that has translated to greater representation of Muslim women, too. Muslim women who choose to wear the hijab face discrimination worldwide. France has put Hijab bans in place, when will this end, when will Muslim women stop receiving the backlash they do, when will we be seen in the media in a positive way, when will brands start to include us in magazines and media. As far as I am around I will do my best to breakdown barriers and misconceptions of Muslim women and make sure women like me get represented."  

For more please go visit: @amira_thewanderlust / @the.wanderlust.women 


During our first meeting, Amira helped us understand the importance of a weatherproof Hijab and Niqab and the improvements that could be made to better her hiking experience. It was from this first meeting that we started to develop the first ever weatherproof, water resistant Hijab and Niqab. We have come a long way from the development stages and are nearing the final proto. Since testing and trialing the prototypes in all weather conditions, we have updated the Niqab and Hijab accordingly to ensure comfort and modesty are kept when wearing the garments. Some of the latest amendments include adding buttons to secure the Niqab to the base of the hijab to prevent the Niqab potentially lifting whilst walking in windy conditions and as well as this we have extended the length of the Hijab in order to protect modesty of the wearer. We couldn’t be more excited to be working with Amira the wanderlust on this project and taking steps toward bringing inclusivity and diversity to the outdoors.  

Tabi (design) creating the third proto of the Hijab in house at our Head Office in Manchester, December 2021.


 Amira out testing in the latest Hijab and Niqab in the Peaks, December 2021.


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