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Whether it is the sun, rain or snow that is beating down on you from above, a good hat is crucial to getting ahead in any adventure.

Designed to thrive in different trekking conditions, our headwear range covers everything you will need for your next expedition. Our warm weather hats use lightweight, breathable fabrics and UV protection, with mosquito protection included on some styles, while our winter and waterproof hats make use of durable, water-resistant outer fabrics and waterproof membrane technologies, to keep you warm and dry in more challenging conditions.

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  1.   Jungle hat + Mosquito Net
    Jungle hat + Mosquito Net
  2.   Expedition GTX® Hat
    Expedition GTX® Hat
  3.   Wilderness hat
    Wilderness hat
  4.   Gobi Wide Brim Hat
    Gobi Wide Brim Hat
  5.   Atacama Cap
    Atacama Cap
  6.   Mojave hat
    Mojave hat
  7.   Choob Paisley
    Out of stock
    Choob Paisley

9 Items

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