Gear Guide

Kit by Activity

If you're an outdoor hero with an expedition in mind, but don't know where to get started in buying your kit, check out our gear guides below to find out what we consider as essential accessories for your next adventure.


All-year-round accessories for tackling the toughest hills, and combatting the Great British climate. Used by Outdoor Heroes Glyn Dodwell and Dan McAreavey for their hikes in and around the UK.


All the accessories you need to stay cool, and protected from the sun when trekking in hotter climates. As used by Outdoor Heroes Kanza Ahmed and Rob McNamee.


All the hats, gloves and accessories you need for hitting the slopes. As used by Outdoor Heroes Andy and Gee.


All the accessories you need to keep your stuff safe and dry while you're getting your feet wet. As used by Outdoor Heroes Emmie, Jamie and Dani Robertson.