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Trekmates Environmental Policy

Our Environmental Policy

At Trekmates® we have a passion for the outdoors, and we therefore feel it is our duty to do everything we can to protect it.  Our products are designed to enhance the enjoyment of the outdoors and we therefore ask our suppliers to adhere to all local and national laws, particularly to those relating to:

  • Recycling of manufacturing waste
  • Pollution control, particularly into waterways
  • EU Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals legislation

In order to do everything practicably possible to protect the environment we develop a series of standards to be agreed with our suppliers and through site visits and continual improvement we try to ensure that we are doing everything possible to fulfill our comitment.

We recognise that this is just a starting point. There is an active project within Trekmates® to minimise the amount of product packaging that we produce. Known as ’packaging with a purpose’, our intention is to make as much product packaging as possible reusable, meaning it just doesn’t become waste in the first place.

We expect this to start coming through to our customers from later in 2012.

In the interim we will continue to do the simple things such as;

  • using local suppliers where we can to avoid delivery miles
  • using fuel efficient vehicles for our field based people
  • using as little paper as possible in our offices
  • sending customer orders by mail rather than courier (the postman is coming to your house anyway rather than the courier who will make a special journey)
  • recycling of office and warehouse waste
  • reusing delivery cartons wherever possible
  • choose energy saving office machines

Again, this is small stuff, but we’re aware and we’re trying to be better. 

Thank you