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Gore Grip

These GORE-TEX gloves are designed with Gore Grip technology, ideal for extreme athletes looking to improve their performance in cold conditions. Engineered to give you high tactility for a strong grip, they’re ideal for skiing, mountaineering and winter hikes.


Gore Grip gloves work slightly differently to other GORE-TEX gloves. The normally-lose layers of the gloves are attached together, stopping movement between them to give you outstanding grip. Offering you all the reliable protection of regular GORE-TEX gloves, they also help shield you from rain, wind and snow.


In tough, wintery conditions, it can be easy to lose your grip. That’s why Gore Grip gloves were designed to give you better dexterity, making it easier to handle zippers, bags and ski poles. And with a layer of cosy insulation beneath the classic GORE-TEX membrane, they also help to keep your hands snug.


At Trekmates, we design a selection of GORE-TEX gloves to suit a variety of outdoor activities. If grip is something you struggle with when you’re wading through a foot of snow or strapping on your skis, the Gore Grip gloves are the perfect choice for you. 

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